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stage hypnosis

Looking for entertainment for your next event? Contact me today for a fun and memorable Hypnosis Show!

Planning an event? Looking for entertainment?


Own a venue? Book my show now for an evening of wonder and amusement for all audiences! 

  • Post- Proms

  • Graduations

  • Colleges

  • Fairs/Festivals

  • Office & Corporate Parties

  • Casinos

  • Bars & Local Events

  • Baby Shower

  • Birthday/Anniversary

  • Private Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • & much more!

Book your show today for an unforgettable night of side-splitting laughter!
Stage Hypnosis Shows

Stage hypnosis shows are a fun, unforgettable way to wow any audience. 


On stage, hypnosis can be used to lower inhibitions and encourage a little bit of fun and entertainment. I love inviting volunteers on stage and together we create unforgettable nights. The process is the same, the hypnosis is the same, it's just that on stage our goals are a little different than they are in the clinical setting. 


I tailor each and every show to the exact audience, venue and client booking the show, so no two of my shows are ever the same! During my shows it's clear, my volunteers are the stars, I'm simply there to bring the fun out of them. 


Imagine your next party or family reunion, wouldn't you love to see your friends or family on stage having a blast and putting on a show? 


During my show, we have all kinds of fun including dancing, singing, and hilarious situations. While always appropriate, I specialize in bringing out the wildest, funniest reactions from all my volunteers and as a special thanks for being in my shows I always provide them with a helpful suggestion that can improve their life after the show has ended. 

Contact me today to learn how to book a show for your next event!

The Bobby Bones Show

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