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I have been a clinical hypnotherapist and certified in Holistic Nutrition for 17 yrs and later pursued stage hypnosis. It's my passion to help others overcome their obstacles and achieve their life goals, whatever they may be. 

I don't provide a private practice but rather prefer to reach a larger audience and more who need assistance by doing classes and seminars throughout the country. I am available for Zoom sessions as well.

I’m very passionate about my work in Hypnotherapy. My dedication to helping people achieve their goals is what makes me feel whole. 

The power of the subconscious mind is absolutely incredible, and it's amazing what can happen when the subconscious and the conscious mind are aligned on your life goal. 



Clinical Hypnotherapy

about me

A few years later I discovered a new passion: entertaining audiences. 

After immersing myself in the best training available I can confidently say I'm now one of the top female stage hypnotists in the industry. My show is an unforgettable night of entertainment. From dancing and singing to the hilarious situations, I love watching my volunteers and audiences have a blast at each and every show I put on. 

Hypnosis is such a powerful tool whether I'm using it to help someone quit smoking or lose weight, or if I'm using it to entertain at a casino or private event. It's always amazing and wonderful to see what the powers on one's own mind can do. 

Learn more about Stage Hypnosis or Clinical Hypnosis now, or Contact me to schedule a session or a stage show with just a few simple clicks!

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show

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We had Sheri Spell perform her hypnosis show as a post prom activity for our Junior/Senior Prom.  It was fantastic and the kids loved it.  She really engaged all of us in the audience also as she went through the steps of hypnotizing the volunteers and then having them follow her commands.  It was hilarious and as a bonus we were able to purchase an edited video of each kid's performance to give to each of them.  Everyone truly enjoyed it.  


Thank you again for performing for us!


Sheri was phenomenal! From the moment we began discussing Sheri doing a show to the end, the experience was all-around positive, easy, & great. Prior to the show Sheri met with the group leaders to learn about the group & pick the best skits. During the show she had us laughing so hard! The skits she chose were perfect for our group. They say laughter heals. I’d say everyone was healed after that show! It was the perfect way to end our event & we’re looking forward to working with her again in the future. I highly recommend hiring Sheri for your next event if you would like to have a wonderful time, laugh your butt off, and make some incredible memories.

Wounded Warrior Project

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